Kuwait Technical College

Kuwait Technical College (K-TECH) Based on Amiri Decree No. 303 of 2005 regarding the establishment of the Kuwait Technical College was established to provide opportunities to students who lean towards practical education in preference to the traditional theoretical approach. It encourages students to pursue a career supported by professional training programs leading to a diploma degree in addition to international certification in two years. 

Kuwait Technical College graduates will have the advantage of the ability to gain internationally accredited certificates from Microsoft, CISCO, and CompTIA that will enable them to join the workforce without the need for further practical training. This will ensure graduates have an advantage in the Kuwait job market. 

K-TECH has distinct competitive advantages. Firstly, it has an international partnership with Purdue Global University, one of the largest tertiary institutions of its kind in the United States. This affiliation is a credential in itself. Students also have the benefit of a flexible learning program and tailor-made learning for the work place, ensuring they receive real life practical experience that can be applying directly once they secure employment. Many of the course activities and lab sessions are work related applications built into the curricula. 

Secondly, K-TECH has formed an articulation with the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait, to provide K-TECH graduates with the opportunity to continue their studies at GUST by enabling them to transfer their K-TECH credits. This articulation will provide our students with excellent opportunities to earn bachelor’s degrees at a prestigious university and it is a great way for students to keep learning and growing into careers that propel their long-term goals. 

We envision K-TECH as a premier technical education resource with a reputation as a major economic development force in Kuwait. We dedicate our resources in creating a culture of shared excellence with our stakeholders by closely aligning our purpose with the economic aspirations of the State. 

K-TECH is a private two-year comprehensive institution of higher education established to provide the citizens of Kuwait and Gulf region opportunities for educational, economic, and professional development. The College educates and trains students to provide an effective work force to support market needs and economic growth.

Under K-TECH’s academic system, students are required to pass all courses set for their academic program. Students register courses at the beginning of each semester according to each program study plan and graduation requirements within the permitted study load. The academic year consists of two semesters. Each semester is 16 weeks including supervision, registration and final exams periods. 

Students at K-TECH are required to successfully complete 4 academic semesters in addition to the foundation course in order to complete the Diploma requirements. All students are required to complete 64-68 credit hours depending on their major. 

Academic Degree Programs 

K-TECH provides a Two-In-One opportunity to develop students’ academic and career goals through a dual pathway. In this sense, students can absolutely earn both qualifications: 

− A Diploma Degree 

− A Certified IT Professional 

Diploma Degrees at K-TECH 

  1. Information Systems and Technology 

1) Network System Maintenance and Security 

2) Network Design Technical (NDT)

3) Software Applications and Programming 

4) Web Applications and Programming 

  1. Business Management 

1) Management of Information Systems 

2) Sales and Marketing 

3) E-Commerce